Listen to author James R. Anderson recent radio interview about the book "What Must I Do To Be Saved".

The author, James R. Anderson, practiced law in Minnesota for over 30 years before retiring. Upon retirement from the legal profession, Mr. Anderson utilized his legal research skills to search the New Testament of the Bible to see (1) if there is any proof the Bible is true and from God and (2) if so, whether God tells us exactly how we might gain eternal life and, if so, what are the requirements. Mr. Anderson purposefully ignored doctrinal creeds of the various denominations to go directly back to the Bible and see what it has to say. The findings? You may be surprised at how simple, according to the Bible, salvation really is and how easy it is to prove the Bible is true and from God! You may not be surprised at how many denominations, over the years, have purposefully or innocently, twisted the message of salvation to benefit their purposes. The book is designed to help the seeker and the Christian alike do their own seeking and research to satisfy themselves about what lies beyond that "great divide" for each person.